Nurse actionA Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has advanced education and clinical training in a health care specialty area. They are recognized as expert health care providers.

The Nurse Practitioner at Summit Gastroenterology has outstanding training and credentials, including:

  • APRN – Adanced Practice Registered Nurse
  • Board Certified – Certification as a Clinical Specialist by the American Nurse Credentialing Center
  • ANP–Adult Nurse Practitioner
  • MSN – Master's of Science Degree in Nursing

Services provided by our Nurse Practitioner

To help us provide complete health care for all of our patients, our Nurse Practitioner:

  • Obtain medical histories and perform physical examinations.
  • Diagnose and treat acute health problems.
  • Diagnose, treat and monitor chronic diseases.
  • Prescribe medications and other treatments.
  • Order and interpret diagnostic studies, such as lab work and x-rays.
  • Promote positive health behaviors and self-care skills through education and counseling.
  • Collaborate with our physicians and other health care professionals, as needed.
  • Explain the details of health problems, medications and other topics, to help our patients fully understand how to take care of themselves.
  • Emphasize wellness and self-care by giving our patients the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices and health care decisions.

Nurse Practitioners provide:

  • High quality care.
  • A unique approach to health care that emphasizes patient education and preventative health care.
  • Care that results in a high level of patient satisfaction.

Your insurance carrier will consider all services provided by our Nurse Practitioners as though they were provided by our physicians.